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Tips & Checklists for Your Move Out-of-State – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Moving into a new home, especially out of state, takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and, if done right, planning. The following provides a checklist of items that may prove useful as you begin your moving adventure.

What Kind of Mover Are You?

First, let’s establish how involved you want to be in the moving process. Deciding on the level of physical labor you are willing to put into your move will determine the supplies and professional assistance you will need. There is the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mover who is willing to wrap, pack, load, drive, stop, unload, and unpack all of their belongings. There is the Hands-Off mover who does not want to pick up more than a phone to coordinate the completion of the tasks listed above. Finally, there is the Hybrid mover who is a mix of both. This mover wants the assistance of professional movers to load and unload their belongings but doesn’t mind packing and unpacking their personal items or even driving the moving truck.

Pre-Move – Tips One Month or More from Move Date

Planning. Planning. Planning. That is the number one ingredient for a successful move. So let’s get planning.

  1. Transferring Services – You’ll need to change your address on more than one account and schedule cut-off and start service dates and times for your current and future utilities.
  2. Moving Services & Supplies – There’s a lot of coordination to scheduling pick-up and drop-off times for your moving vehicle, hiring movers to help carry the load, and purchasing supplies for your move.

There is a laundry list of items you will need to address prior to getting on the road but making a list and checking off a few items every day will ensure that you have successfully planned for your move. Download a handy tool to keep track of these items.

Stay organized and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are prepared.

Pre-Move – Tips for One Week or Less from Move Date

A few days closer to the big move, you may be feeling waves of different emotions. Saying goodbye to your community and replanting yourself into a new space can be nerve-racking – even if you do have the advantage of moving to a new place with someone else.

One huge tip for stress-relief is to pay one month’s worth of expenses before you move. This will ensure your monthly obligations are accounted for and you can travel with one less worry.

Now that all of your belongings are packed away, moving services are scheduled, bills are paid, and change of addresses are being processed, it’s time to take it all in for the last few times.

Go visit that favorite coffee shop around the corner, walk along your favorite path, catch one last sunset at your beloved spot, and enjoy another evening on the rooftop taking in views of the city. Most importantly, be sure to schedule plenty of time to say goodbye to family and close friends.

All the things you take for granted, be sure to enjoy them one more memorable time before you venture off and create new memories.

Tips for Day(s) on the Road

A map is a good place to start. Yes, almost everyone has an app on their phone to get them from Point A to Point B but what if something happens to your phone along the way, like not having service or it breaks? Here are a couple of services that may prove helpful. However you assemble your map and itinerary, be sure to print a copy just in case the unexpected occurs and your phone is no longer a resource.

  1. is a wonderful and free resource that allows you to plan your drive. This user-friendly website displays places to eat, sleep, stops for gas, and, if time allows, popular tourist attractions along the way.
  2. If you are a AAA member and you prefer the Hands-Off approach, a AAA travel agent will plan your route for you using Trip Tik. You tell them your goals for the trip (e.g., fastest route) and they will create it for you. This does require a reservation so be sure you schedule this in advance.

Unrelated to driving directions but it will help you fight boredom on the road, try downloading a long-awaited audiobook or podcast.

Money-saving tip for those in a hurry – and on a budget: Buy healthy snacks and a reusable water bottle for the car ride. You will save money by not stopping to eat every time you need to fill up on gas. And with healthy food in your stomach, it will help you stay focused and fight fatigue during the drive. Reusable water bottles will also help keep an extra $2 in your pocket every time you pull off at a rest stop.

Tips for Arrival Day

Get a good night’s rest the day before arriving and a decent breakfast the morning of move-in day. Even if you are a Hands-Off mover, being well-rested is key to handling the obstacles that are bound to arise on any move-in day – no matter how well you planned.

Almost all businesses accept electronic forms of payment but most, if not all, moving companies don’t allow the option to leave extra for the movers. Although it is not expected but greatly appreciated, have cash available to tip your movers.

And relax. You’ve done all the planning you can possibly do. If you are a DIY mover, take your time to get the unloading and unpacking jobs done. Don’t push yourself too much. You’ll want to enjoy your new environment and stay healthy ahead of beginning your new job and new adventures.

Post-Move – Tips for Settling Into Your New Space

In most cases, there will be boxes. And there will be more boxes behind those boxes. And possibly a few more boxes behind those boxes. But take heart – eventually all those boxes will be recycled away and you’ll be unpacked and ready to fully enjoy your new home.

Establishing a new core group of friends takes time, and with our phones always in front of our faces, it can be difficult to meet people organically. Fortunately, technology has solved this problem with the creation of apps like MeetUp. This app encourages users to meet up with people in their area who have similar interests (e.g., all-level sports, book clubs, concerts, learning opportunities, yoga, and the list goes on from there) and sometimes similar circumstances, like being new to the area.

Some of the best experiences of your life, for personal and professional growth, may involve a physical move across cities, states, or even countries. Your move experience is what you make of it. Keeping a positive attitude and being flexible when things do not go as planned will make all the difference in your experience. Remember, plan ahead, be flexible, stop to look around, and enjoy the ride – you may only get this opportunity once – or twelve times, depending on the career you choose and how adventurous you are!

No matter what stage of the moving process you are in, Jemma can help. While Jemma cannot help with the moving, we can help you with your financial future. Whether you are 25, 45, or 65, Jemma can provide the one-on-one guidance you need to help you reach your short- and long-term financial goals.

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